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Brownsburg Update: December 1, 2020

The Museum is Ready for Christmas!

The Country Store exhibit at the Museum was amazingly charming before – but you should see it now that it’s decorated for Christmas.  There are so many little reminders of Christmases past tucked in here and there that it’s almost like a scavenger hunt trying to find them all!  Santa’s elves and decorators have done a brilliant job:  Nancy Armstrong, Julie Fox, Marcie Harding, Lucy Hayes and Melinda Mills.  The Museum will be open this Saturday, December 5, and is otherwise open for private or small-group visits by calling Julie Fox at 540-377-2198.

Dick Barnes is Honored by MAC

At the Museum Advisory Committee (MAC) meeting on Friday, November 20, about six months of covert activity resulted in a virtual dedication ceremony to name the museum’s exhibit gallery in honor of Dick Barnes.  Current members of MAC include Nancy Armstrong, Dick Barnes, Julie Fox, Nancy Hahn, Karen Parker, Harry Shannon, and David Wade (the Lexington David Wade).  All members of the MAC (with the exception of Dick) have been working quietly behind the scenes, in the middle of pandemic restrictions, and without the knowledge of Dick to plan the surprise, remote, virtual dedication via Zoom.

In the case of the Brownsburg Museum, it does indeed take a village.  The MAC has been thinking for some time about an appropriate way to honor Dick for all of his dedication and hard work to turn the dream of a village museum into reality.  Once they decided to dedicate the gallery in Dick’s honor, Nancy Hahn suggested using wood from the Avenue of Trees to make a plaque for the gallery.  Local artisans were involved in fabricating the plaque: Mike Sorge chain-sawed an Avenue of Trees log into rough boards; Tony Waddell milled a board and kiln dried it in his kitchen oven and branded it with his Avenue of Trees logo; and Troy Shaw used his computer-based router to make two plaques. One plaque is now proudly mounted on the Museum’s wall at the entrance to the back gallery (you can actually see it in the bottom right photo above), and one was presented to Dick by a Kendal staffer during the Zoom meeting. 

North Rockbridge Trail

 Holiday Open House(s)

Don’t let The Grinch steal your Christmas!  Get out this weekend, support our local businesses and enjoy all the great things north Rockbridge County has to offer!  Depending on your route, you might encounter The Grinch at West Airslie.  Note in the flier below that Hogback Mountain BBQ’s food truck will be in Fairfield from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

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