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Three Lucky Winners

The Calendar Gals got together for the Early Bird Drawing this week. Pictured are Shirley LaCroix and Karen Siegfried.

We have three lucky winners for the Green Hills Garden custom Holiday Wreaths.  These three submitted and paid for their calendar orders, along with many others, before September 15th.  But since there can only be three, the Calendar Gals held their annual drawing today.  Pictured are Shirley LaCroix and Karen Siegfried.  Karen Parker is taking the photo.  We love this part of Calendar Season second only to the Calendar reveal at the annual picnic.  Congratulations to:

  • Mary Helfenberger
  • Stephanie Loquet
  • Joan Whitesell

Thanks everyone who participated.  Even if you didn’t win the contest, everyone who purchases this year’s calendar is getting a winner.  They make great Christmas gifts!

News and Events

Scout Troups 92 & 29

Our Most Sincere Thanks

Scout Troups 29 and 92 answered our call for help in anticipation of hundreds of visitors for the May 7 Slave House Tour. The Scouts and leaders executed their tasks perfectly. This meant managing traffic flow and directing the parking of over 100 cars safely and without property damage at the Whitehall and Oakbourne locations. Each site presented challenges as did the cold, rainy weather; but the Scouts were not detered.

Thank you Troup 29 Star Scout William Gardner, Commitee Chair Sam King, and Assistant Scoutmaster Bruce Gardner for your help at the Whitehall location. Thank you also Troup 92 Star Scout Becky Holoye, Tenderfoot Scout Lucy Holoye, and Scoutmater Quentin Peach for your help at the Oakbourne location. Sam King, your advance site visit and planning ensured successful and seamless execution on the day of the Tour. You were all maginificent and contributed greatly to the success of the day. The Brownsburg Museum is utterly impressed and deeply grateful for your steady, skillful help.