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Historic Brownsburg Recipes

This book would not have been possible without the contributions and support of many Brownsburg community members and friends. We are especially grateful to those who shared their recipes. The cookbook contains a wonderful variety of old and new dishes, including notes with stories or histories of some of the recipes. 310 pages.


First and Last…Brownsburg’s Civil War Story

The story of a brave, small, and tightly knit community located twenty miles from Lexington, Virginia…a community that experienced an ample share of calamity and pain of war. Brownsburg, Virginia, which, despite initial doubts regarding the wisdom of secession, loyally responded to Virginia’s call when war erupted and resisted the Union invasion that came to its very doorsteps in 1864. Read this carefully researched and, until now, largely unknown story of this riveting account filled with drama, loyalty, and tragedy.


Grain to Gold

Explore the world of milling and distilling in Brownsburg area and throughout Shenandoah Valley with this book based on our popular Grain to Gold Exhibit. Learn about the important roles of Mills and even stills!



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