Brownsburg Update

Brownsburg Update: January 19, 2021

Annual BCA Meeting

The annual meeting of the Brownsburg Community Association (BCA) was held virtually via Zoom on Saturday, January 16.  There were about 20 participants.  Following is a very brief summary of the meeting.  More details will be posted on the Brownsburg website ( soon. 

• The BCA expressed appreciation to the 2021 Calendar Committee for a job well done. The committee consisted of Shirley La Croix, Karen Parker, and Karen Siegfried.  A significant number of sales were on-line sales, and sales exceeded those of the 2020 calendar despite the cancellation of several events where folks typically place their calendar orders. 

• BCA Treasurer, Karen Parker, gave a financial report. Income was down because the Run of the Mill fundraiser was cancelled due to Covid.  Expenses included a $1,000 scholarship, contributions to local fire and rescue squads, and tax preparation. 

• The Museum had a profitable year in spite of Covid.  While the number of visitors was down in 2020, the private tours have been very successful, and donations in the donation box increased over 2019.  An end-of-year fundraising solicitation letter generated a lot of community support, and the Museum’s total income last year was about $28,000.

• Jim Zimmerman presented a report on the Brownsburg Gardener’s Program, and noted that 2020 was a banner year with 2020 pounds of food and 49 pounds of health and hygiene items. 

• Bruce Patterson reported on trash pick-up last fall.  Fourteen participants collected 22 bags of trash, and the next pick-up will be in April.

• New Members of the Board of Directors were elected for the 2021-2023 term:  Marguerite Guilford, Vern Lochausen and John Siegfried.  Many thanks to outgoing Board President, Craig Brown, for a job well done.

• Thanks also to Milton and Betsy Reid for decorating the Brownsburg entrance signs for many years.  Leah and Chris Beard will take over this task.

• The main topic of discussion was a proposal for a community center in the building which formerly housed Old South Antiques.  The store building, the Post Office, and a land parcel are being listed for sale at $150,000, and a generous benefactor has offered to give the BCA $100,000 towards purchase of the property.  The benefactor’s vision for the property is “that all residents living in the community surrounding Brownsburg enjoy a high quality of life, are able to achieve their economic, social, and educational goals, and are part of a strong, prosperous and caring local community.”  A community center in the heart of the village could be made available for meetings, parties, reunions, local art shows, a lending library, potluck dinners, etc.  To make this vision a reality will require a significant financial commitment from the community:  $50,000 to complete the purchase of the property and an unknown amount for renovations.  The BCA has developed a survey to gauge community support for this project.  To take the survey, click here.  Please complete the survey before Saturday, January 23 when the BCA Board will next meet to discuss the proposal.  Assuming there is general support for the concept, the BCA’s next step will be to appoint a Steering Committee to study the feasibility of the proposal. 

Brownsburg Update: January 12, 2021

Annual BCA Meeting

BCA’s annual meeting (required by the Association’s by-laws) will be held this Saturday, January 16 at 1:00 p.m.  To ensure everyone’s safety, the meeting will be held via Zoom, and here’s the link and all the information you need to join:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 815 8235 3032

Passcode: 749304

There will be a Museum update, a Financial Report from the BCA’s Treasurer, election of new Board Members, and an exciting report on a potential new Community Center project.  Don’t miss the meeting – being out of town is no excuse this year! 

Discounted 2021 Calendar Sales

There are a few 2021 calendars remaining because the printer provided some extras.  To “clear the shelves” they are for sale at a discounted price of $14 each or $12 each if you buy more than one.  If anyone has new neighbors or needs to buy a late Christmas gift, here’s a chance to support the Museum at a bargain price.  Mailing is another $4 (our cost) for each calendar.  Payment is required in advance for mailed calendars or at the time of pickup. To pick up at the Museum or another convenient place, contact Karen Parker 540-461-2444 or by email at to make arrangements.

Avenue of Trees Boards

Tony Waddell has just finished a new group of serving boards made from VDOT’s 2018 removal of diseased trees along Brownsburg’s Avenue of Trees south of the village.  After providing boards to folks on the waiting list, there are now five available.  This group is lovely and shows lots of spalting and inclusions.  There was no salvageable wood from the 2019 cutting due to decay.  Since it requires a year or more for wood to “cure” and stabilize, there aren’t any boards in the pipeline now, but the 2020 cutting was good and there are many unfinished slab/boards presently air drying.  The price of the boards is $75 each, with all proceeds benefitting the Brownsburg Museum.  If you’re interested in making a purchase, contact Paul Hahn at 540-348-4192 or at