Brownsburg Update

Brownsburg Update: February 19, 2021

Brownsburg Museum Update

The Brownsburg Museum has coped with Covid-19 and CDC restrictions by showing the current exhibit by appointment to small groups.  Visitors have been enthusiastic about the “Country Stores” exhibit, and have been grateful for an opportunity to get out and do something fun.  If you haven’t gotten to see the exhibit yet, you can call Julie Fox at 540-377-2198 to schedule an appointment.  In addition, the museum has been involved with other activities, e.g. reuniting UVA professor, Dr. David Green, with the ancestral slave quarters home of his family and facilitating responses to genealogical and research inquiries.

Progress has also been made on the video history project which, to date, includes interviews with 18 local residents about their experiences in the Brownsburg community.  The project is directed by Jennifer Law Young and is funded by Rosemary Stevens and Jack Barchas who split their time between Manhattan and our area.  We anticipate that the entire video will be completed later this year, but here’s a link to the first installment on the topic of farming.  It’s just great, and to underscore the importance of this project, we have already lost two of the subjects of this video – much loved and greatly missed community members Bud Martin and Tom Bare.  Other topics will be covered future segments including church life, racial relations, village life and more.  Hopefully later this year, we’ll all be able to binge-watch “Brownsburg Memories,” but in the meantime, enjoy this preview.

Run of the Mill

Following its initial BCA meeting, the Board has agreed to postpone this year’s Run of the Mill 5K race until Saturday, September 25, 2021.  The Board is hopeful that the combination of an outdoor event coupled with additional vaccination time, will allow for a successful event.  Stay tuned for information on the Run of the Mill Facebook page or the BCA web site.  

Brownsburg Update: February 7, 2021

Grab Your Cameras!

The heavy wet snow falling in Brownsburg is gorgeous right now, but isn’t likely to last for long.  Although you’ve only just started enjoying your 2021 Brownsburg Calendar, grab your cameras and get out there to get some good snowy winter photos for the 2022 edition!  The Calendar Committee welcomes photo submissions from all community members and there is no limit on the number of photos you can submit……the more the merrier!  You can also re-submit photos that have not yet been featured in a calendar.    

Every year the committee receives wonderful photos that can’t be included in the calendar due to issues with photo format and resolution.  So to give your photos the best opportunity to be featured, please remember to:   

·         Use the 3:4 aspect ratio in your phone camera setting and rotate your phone to capture your scene horizontally, in a landscape and rectangular format.  Vertical photos and 1:1 aspect ratio/square formats cannot be enlarged to fit a calendar page.

·         Take your photos at your phone’s highest resolution setting. 

·         For a view in the distance, do not zoom in before taking the photo.  Instead, take the full view and then crop the photo to the desired view when you edit it.

·         Email your photos to , and when prompted, do not reduce the image size, keep it the original size. 

·         And please add a title and location, if possible!

If you have any questions, email    And happy snapping!

Free to a Good Home

Speaking of the Brownsburg Calendar…..Jim Zimmerman has been doing a little spring cleaning, and has some old unused and unmarked editions of the calendar that he can’t bear to throw in the trash.  Are you new to the area and interested in checking out the photos on prior calendars?  Are you looking for some beautiful area photos suitable for framing?  Jim is offering the 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019 calendars to anyone who would like to have them.  He can be contacted at 704-256-5869 or at  Free to a good home! 

Girl Scout Cookies

Addie and Pippie Moore are selling Girl Scout cookies this year.  Due to COVID it has been very difficult for them to reach their goal of 2,000 boxes. Each has an ambitious  personal goal of 1,000 boxes. If they reach their goals, each will receive a pearl to add to their necklace, a pearl certificate, and a chance to celebrate with other girls who have achieved this goal.  For each box they sell, their troop will receive one dollar. 

To make it easy for you, you can order on-line.  You can choose Girl Scout delivery (if you’re local) or direct ship to your home.  Alternatively, you can donate cookies to local heroes: the Virginia Community Healthcare Association.  Addie and Pippie are extremely grateful for all support they have received throughout their time in Girl Scouts, and thank you in advance for your cookie orders. 

To order cookies from Addie, click here.  To order from Pippie, click here.

Brownsburg Update: January 28, 2021

BCA Board Meeting

At the annual meeting of the Brownsburg Community Association held by Zoom on January 16, the general membership elected the following new members to the BCA Board of Directors:  John Siegfried, Marguerite Guilford, and Vern Lochausen.  The new Board held their first meeting on January 23 and elected the following slate of officers:  John Siegfried, President; Julie Fox, Vice President; Leah Beard, Secretary; and Karen Parker, Treasurer.  Following are summaries of two major decisions reached by the Board of Directors.

BCA Dues

Last August the BCA Board of Directors voted to suspend dues collections for 2020 given the difficulties and uncertainties presented by COVID 19.  In fairness to those who had already paid earlier in the year, it was decided to credit those payments to 2021 dues.  In other words, if you paid your membership dues last year, you do not need to pay this year if doing so will create a hardship for you.  If you did not pay dues last year, and if you are able, please pay now. Membership dues are $10 for an individual, $20 for a family, and $25 for a business.  If you are not sure whether you owe dues, contact the Treasurer Karen Parker at 540-461-2444 or

Brownsburg Project Exploration Group

The Board of Directors of the BCA recently published a public survey with regard to potential community uses for the old antique store.  It was presented on multiple platforms and received nearly 50 replies.  In response, the Board formed a special committee to further examine the feasibility of a community center proposal.  The committee will be called the Brownsburg Project Exploration Group (Brownsburg PEG).  Individuals from in and around Brownsburg with knowledge and experience in building, real estate, planning and permitting will be consulted to study the implications, advisability and scope of BCA participation (if any) in the proposal.  The Committee will report back to the Board with findings and recommendations. 

This is an exploratory endeavor and is not an endorsement of, or opposition to, the project.  Rather, it is in response to the community’s expression of interest and the Board’s desire to make a careful, informed decision about what, if any role the BCA should play.