STILL STANDING-Brownsburg Slave Houses

Slave Dwelling Tour
May 7, 2022

An extraordinary and unique event in Brownsburg.

The Brownsburg Museum in collaboration with The Historic Lexington Foundation was honored to offer a public tour of historic former slave dwellings still standing on private properties near the Village of Brownsburg. The tour was free to the public, and allowed visitors to take a self-guided tour.

Knowledgeable docents and carefully-researched printed materials were present throughout to answer questions.

A forgotten part of the Rockbridge area’s past has been hiding in plain sight in Brownsburg. Museum leaders there are working to preserve and study the old slave quarters still standing in that village. But more than that, the descendants of the people who used to live in those small dwellings and the descendants of those who owned human beings in the valley are uncovering the connections of the past.